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I’ve seen many an article online talking about Minecraft and how it is being used to support learning within the classroom. Since I had not ever played the game and didn’t even know what it was about, I decided to download it and watch a couple of tutorials and make a start

Episode 4: Minecraft #4 – The start of vegetarian living
Episode 3: Minecraft #3 – New outfit – but rather boring otherwise
Episode 2: Minecraft #2 – Building a mathematical world?
Episode 1: New computer new world in Minecraft
Episode 7: Made a holding pen and killed a zombie!
Episode 6: Fencing off my mini wheat farm
Episode 5: Squid Island and Armour
Episode 4: Pillars, chests and an arrow in my head!
Episode 3: Shears, door and a bed…..oh, and another new house!
Episode 2: Deep Caves and Roast Chicken
Episode 1: First Night – scary, scary, scary


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