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Yes, I guess I am going crazy with podcasts at the moment. I have the Mythras Matters one with my sponsors (The Design Mechanism) one with work (The Education Debate) and then I felt I wanted another one. Why? Well I missed my radio show!

The death of Wilson Waffling Radio

As you might be aware my radio station sadly came to an end yearly this year. You can read the full explanation here, but really it wasn’t paying its way and there was a serious drop in listeners. A huge thanks to everyone who actually support it and I do miss interacting with you. Hence the new podcast!

One of my favourite shows was the Snuggle Show. If you ever listened in you would remember that it was when I played chilled out music and engaged in cultured chat. Well I really used to enjoy researching for the cultured chat and so I thought, why not make it into a podcast.

Stupid I know

I never do anything correctly and I just started to create the podcast not really thinking about the name or the audience. I’m always like that, I just get on with it and then wonder why it fails. I realise that the name of the podcast is ineffective and the logo even less so, but I liked it and thought I would just go for it.

I’ve added the podcast to my monthly to-do list and there are already two episodes out there. Plays are, as you might expect, rather low but I really enjoy researching and recording it so I hope that they do pick up. If not it will go the same way as the radio station. Don’t worry I’ll find something which I am good at eventually!

Why not have a listen!

So, if you want to know a little more about science, technology and nature, why not give it a listen. It’s short and suitable for all audiences. Hope you enjoy!


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