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So there you all are, enjoying the summer weather away from university and I bet you are bored already! Well maybe not bored but, continuing the homework theme, I did get asked at the end of term if there would be any work to be done over the summer holidays – the answer was no, but there are somethings you could be doing now you ask…

  • Relax and recharge – This should be first on your list, whether you have just finished a school experience, handed in the longest list of assignments ever or even completed the course and getting ready for your new job. You need to take some time out and let your brain and body come to terms with the pressure you have just put it under. Now, I must say at this point, that if you haven’t given 100% then you might need to take a little less of a break and more of applying yourself. But, for the majority of you, a well deserved break is in order
  • Start something new – You will probably have a space of time to work with at the moment, so why not make a list of things that you always wanted to do, but never had the time. These could be learning a new skill, completing that book that the bookmark has been in the same place for the past six months, or even just going to visit someone and say “hi” again.
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  • Reading and thinking – Remember you are coming back to university, or into a new job, and now is the time that you can start to read and engage with theories and thoughts while you sit drinking Pimms (?is that correct? As you know, I’m not up on the alcoholic names of drinks) in the garden. You might think that you want to get away from ‘work’ but keeping your brain partially engaged will make it easier when you return.
  • New technology and News – read all those RSS feeds that you have subscribed to but never read – start to read the news items to do with education, or science or mathematics – or even literacy. Now is the time not only to read but also engage – what do you think about the points? Engaging with these items when you are less stressed will allow you to think critically about them. And they might come helpful when you are writing your next assignment! Remember, using something like Evernote to keep track of everything might be helpful here. I wrote a blog post about this a while ago – might be worth a read now.
  • Have a go! – And finally, I’m going to be posting a few activities you could be doing on the Facebook page. Have a go and share with others who are on the page – the community is increasing so let’s get sharing.
  • Thanks for reading and/or listening. Its a lovely warm weekend, so please make sure you wear that sunblock and drink plenty….of water!

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