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What’s up? the opposite of down?

Phew, I have made it back! Where have I been? Well actually nowhere but my website has been going through some teething problems so I thought I would encourage you all back, in case you had visited the site and noticed that it was down. We have been blessed with a new staff intranet at work, and I was naturally keen to link all my social media to the site. However, when I went to add this blog I was informed it was not secure! Yes, it did increase my anxiety levels one hundred fold, but I tried to swallow the ever rising feeling or dread and immediately got in contact with my web hosting company. I actually host all my sites with Your Name Here – a UK based company who are fantastic! Not only do their respond so promptly to my enquiries but they also put up with my numerous questions and queries. All the time maintaining a calm and professional manner – I really think they are probably cursing me once the phone is hung up! Anyway, as I upgraded to a secure site some issues relating to plugins and users came to the fore. However, they have sorted these all out and I am once again back in action!

Pauses for a cheer!!

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