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What is it like to learn?

Preamble I really love learning. It often does not even matter what the subject content is. I am insanely curious and, if I am motivated, then I will search and read and read and search until I know as much as I can about a topic/subject. Learning is fun. But […]

Another day another adventure

And so it begins…

Preamble Yes, the new academic year is starting. The summer vacation is coming to an end. I am relaxed and chilled and trying to squeeze into all my clothes after putting on weight over the summer. But, as I start to think about the new year, I always like to […]

Image of a microphone

The Power of the Voice

Preamble I’m back from my summer annual leave and wanted to start off this academic year by sharing with you one of my recent achievements which I am super proud of. Before the summer, I had my yearly PDR with my line manager. I always find this a very helpful […]