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Well, you can’t say I don’t try! we are up to episode 69 and I still forget to put my mic on after some of the segments…will I ever learn :(. I have, however, added some fancy transitions to my Website Roundup and the Tweets of the Week include some posts from our Primary Education Website. I set you an activity to complete relating to putting a message in a bottle and I give you a time related problem in the teaching Idea segment – all this and some idle chat as well – what else could you possible want! Run titles!

Start of Show Activity – Message in a bottle

Tweets of the week
A story box, more mathematics games, a zoo cage for an animal and a philosophy about education

Apologies for the microphone not working after this segment!

Website roundup:
Here are the topics articles discussed in this episode:The discussion about academies continues , Another headteacher resigns, After school clubs supports children’s learning, DfE blunders over Spelling Test and finally –some writing prompts for science and mathematics.

Wilson Waffling Tidbits: – Time Problem at a Crime Scene!

Ask Wilson Waffling:
Questions asked – “What are you most comfortable shoes and what is the most dirtiest job you have had…..yes I have been in a pig sty!”.

You can chat live within the Youtube chat room on the event site

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