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Phew – sorry I was late, but I did make it almost by eight and yes … I forgot to turn the mic on at the beginning – I definitely need a producer! In this show we have the news about academies in the Website roundup (if I manage to say it correctly) the Tweets of the week – all about maths games, and someone asks me about the colour of my eyes! – All in episode 70 of Wilson Waffling Live – Run titles!

Start of Show Activity – Rings and a finger

Tweets of the week
More maths games, story sacks and a view from a session.

Website roundup:
Here are the topics articles discussed in this episode:Good bye to enforced academies , Children go on strike about SATS, Michael Rosen’s letter to Nicky Morgan, Secret teacher talks about the EYFS and finally –some help with revision.

Waffling Teaching Ideas: – Maths ideas from a life (thanks to Jeremy) and calculator fun!

Ask Wilson Waffling:
Questions asked – “What colour are your eyes and where do you shop?”.

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