Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 72

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 72

I can’t believe how many viewers I got on last week’s live show and some likes! This week I’m going for 12 views and two likes, so get those fingers a clicking! This week’s teaching idea is all about linking PE with mathematics and – and even the SODA is about holidays – are we in a holiday mood yet? if not maybe episode 72 will help. Run titles!

Start of Show Activity – Go on a holiday in a click

Tweets of the week
Story sacks, claims to fame and end of year lectures and balls.

Website roundup:
Here are the topics articles discussed in this episode:
Absence data is out…

OFSTED and suspected illegal schools

The secret teacher talks about negativity

What is the best age for children to start school?

Impact of Breakfast Clubs

Questions to ask about planning

finally –Parkour in Scotland.

Waffling Teaching Ideas: – How to link PE with mathematics

Ask Wilson Waffling:
Questions asked – “Hot weather or cold weather? and What does your name mean?”.

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