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Just made the 20:00 start tonight – why? Because I was playing Overwatch – sorry. Some great ideas for three activities to do with the identification of birds, the regular activity to start the day off and some news about OFSTED in the website roundup – better late than never! Run titles!

Start of Show Activity – Who would you reward?
Tweets of the week
Super Heroes lend a hand, mathematics assignments and creepy crawlies

Website roundup:
Here are the topics articles discussed in this episode:
Subject Knowledge training needs to be developed

Thousands of bright children being let down

Special needs units risk closure SEND Report

OFSTED and the Government

New OFSTED Chief

finally –Guide to Google books – 2015-16.

Waffling Teaching Ideas: – Activities for studying birds

Ask Wilson Waffling:
Questions asked – “Burn the roof of your mouth or get a paper cut?”.

You can chat live within the Youtube chat room on the event site

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