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I’m really enjoying doing Wilson Waffling Live, especially the changes to the website roundup segment – really nice just to discuss the articles rather than reading it from a script. I’ve still getting one person coming every week to watch which is great! – did I reach my targets? well there is only one way to find out…. Run titles!

Start of Show Activity – Time for a speech
Tweets of the week
End of SE1 comments and some great displays!

Website roundup:
Here are the topics articles discussed in this episode:
What is pupil premium being spent on?

Should there be a home school register?

Does exercise make your brain better?

Impact of growth mindset.

Is academic achievement really linked to genes?

What did children think about the STAs tests?

finally –A good examples of a student/teacher blog on book reviews.

Waffling Teaching Ideas: – More activities for studying birds

Ask Wilson Waffling:
Questions asked – “What sort of parties do you like to do to?”.

You can chat live within the Youtube chat room on the event site

Listen music 24/7 at


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