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Well, I am back! Yea after a rather long summer break which has actually extended into October and November – I have started to stream Wilson Waffling Live once again. However there are some changes a foot!

I do have a confession to make to start of with. I was planning on taking Wilson Waffling Live to the my radio station and engaging with educational issues live on the air accompanied with music. However, after a long period of time considering this I decided that although it might have had some benefits it didn’t really meet what Wilson Waffling Live was all about. For example, one important part of the show is to celebrate what the students are doing on the programme via the segment, ‘Tweets of the Week’. This was not really possible on the radio and the visual component of looking at the websites in the Website roundup was always being lost. I was hoping to have a series of guests come in and talk about topics but although I had some initial interest people are so busy nowadays and so it would appear that you are stuck with just me.

One of the main reasons I decided to go live again visually was that Wirecast 7 was released and with it came the option to stream to Facebook and Periscope! This was an excellent revelation and now you will be able to ‘tune in’ from Twitter and the Facebook Page. I have been trying to record the episodes as well and post these to Youtube, although I foolishly forgot to press record on the first episode, overwrote the file incorrectly while editing the second and currently YouTube is not liking me uploading this weeks so if you see it below, please consider yourself blessed!

As always I am hoping to expand the show to include more people – via Skype, although I understand that people are frequently camera shy so this might still be a ‘dream’ – I guess I am used to looking ugly and ridiculous on camera now! Would be great to be able to resurrect ‘Wilson Waffling with…’ sometime in the future. Anyway, enough waffle! If you are interested in what we are doing at York St. John University on the Primary Education Programme or want to hear about teaching ideas and what is currently in the media relating to education, then Wilson Waffling Live is the place to be…enjoy!

Episode 76

Episode 77

Episode 78


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