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Wilson Waffling Live has been a regular event on YouTube for some time now, well for seventy five episodes to be precise. Although traditions are nice it is also important to move with the times and what is happening with current projects. As you might be aware I have my own radio station – Wilson Waffling Radio – and it seems a logical progression, for me in any case, to move the live show away from YouTube and put it on the radio. Believe it or not there are several advantages for this, the main ones you can read below.

  • The face and looks for radio – Ever since I left my twenties, well probably even before that, it has taken me longer and longer to make myself presentable before leave my humble abode. Coupled with the fact that YouTube can add several decades to my aged face the time it was taking for me to be close to presentable before going live was huge. Moving the show to the radio means that I can just come in from work and go live, without having to spend several hours in make-up. Yes I have the face and looks for radio – I don’t mind this – such is the realities of life.

  • Take that look of your face – Throughout the shows on YouTube I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate other visual components to the show. Why? Well when I look back on the recordings all it appears to be is me talking to the camera. I’ve tried to introduce images of tweets and webpages but I’m still there in the background. This doesn’t make good YouTube videos. Essentially, in order to be visually attractive, videos need a range of components which creates an atmosphere. Essentially I think that many of the features of the show could be communicated in just the auditory form, hence why they appear to be more appropriate to radio.

  • Responding to my viewer – A while ago I did a survey of what people would like to see in the live show. One thing which came up several times was that people would like music within the show. Although it would be possible to play music throughout, the recordings would not be allowed to be shared due to copyright issues. Since I have both a PPL and PRS license for my station this would not be a problem with the radio show version. So the segments can be separated out with music which allows my voice to have a rest and also means that viewers do not have to dedicate time looking at a screen. With an app in development for the station, having a radio version of the show would always make the show more accessible to listeners.

  • Working with guests – I’ve always wanted to have guest speakers on the live show, although people are often put off when they know they have to go on film/camera. This also provides some technical problems since there can be issues relating to lag and video quality. Doing the show on radio means that people can just ‘call in’ and chat via the phone or Skype. With my current radio set up this is already possible. Hopefully, the lack of visual interaction will attract more willing victims…. I mean guests… to the show. Having other people apart from myself to listen to I think will make the show more appealing.

  • Technical Issues – If you have ever listened to one of my radio shows or watched one of the live shows on YouTube you will be aware that I am a long way from being a professional in either of the arenas. One think which is difficult about developing any sort of project is that you need to keep up to date with the technology and techniques associated with that project. Although I am making some progress with radio and the creation of videos, I am making little to no headway with the elements of live broadcasting in the video format. Focusing more on the radio aspect might allow me to make quicker progress with the technology which will hopefully be reflected in the quality of the shows.

  • The new evolved form of the Wilson Waffling Live show will begin on Monday 19th September at 20:00 on Wilson Waffling Radio. If you are around then it would be great if you could tune in, hopefully the app will be ready by then. If you can not make the live show, then the recording of the show will be in the past show section on the radio station’s webpage. If you are interested in being one of the guests on the show then just drop me an email and let me know when you will be available.

    I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas, please add them in the comments below or send them to me via Twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, Google+ or email.

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    Have fun and I’ll catch you later


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