About the show

What is Wilson Waffling Live?

Learning doesn’t have to be sat in a library reading endless books and writing notes. Learning is more than just assignments and articles. For me learning is fun and requires interaction and collaboration. Sharing ideas, discussing topics and forming opinions are key elements of learning. If you look at the world of gaming, this occurs on a regular basis from Youtube Videos to TwitchTV broadcasts. Being interested in both technology and learning I decided to create Wilson Waffling Live show. What is it? Well, as the name suggests, this is a live show which is broadcasted once a week on YouTube, with the episode recorded so you can watch it again later. The focus of the show is enjoyment but there is included a range of segments which will encourage you to think, explore and discuss.

How do I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved in the show.

  1. First, you can just watch it – either live or on Youtube. I really appreciate anyone who does this and I hope some of my waffling you find useful. Also remember that by watching you will be able to gain an entry into the monthly competition.
  2. Comments are always appreciated – This can be anything from entering the competitions via twitter to actually making a comment on the website, discussion forum or Youtube channel. Remember that from tiny whispers grow might conversations. Everything started off as an idea and the community here is non judgemental so just say what you think – as I say in my sessions all the time – there are no silly questions or stupid answers.
  3. Interactions are immense! – Throughout the live show there is a chat room where you can log on and chat as the show progresses. You can log onto the chat on either on Youtube or on this site. It’s really great having this interaction, so come along and have a chat either with me or the people within the chatroom.

Hopefully this gives you some idea about the live show. If you are interested in joining this small community, then come along and join in the fun. Be there or be a quadrilateral!


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